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AMI Primary Training of Trainers Programme, Asian Seminar

Training of Trainers Programme

In order to reach more people and bring about an awareness of Dr. Montessori's work in the field of Education, the Training of Trainers Programme was formally introduced by AMI. It was Mario Montessori Sr.'s vision for the future. The Training of Trainers Programme is an opportunity for each participant to revisit Dr. Montessori's ideas and philosophy on Education. It offers scope to deepen the theoretical and practical aspects of her work. Having worked with children, it allows the participants the unique opportunity to look at the Montessori principles afresh and connect them with personal experiences in the classroom. The Training of Trainers Programme is available in two different formats - the Traditional format and the Seminar format.

Traditional Format

The Traditional Format involves full-time training on three academic year courses or a combination of academic and modular/summer courses. Two courses are followed at the same Training Centre under the guidance of the same Trainer. On completion of the two courses and the course requirements for Parts 1 and 2, AMI grants the participant the status of an Auxiliary Trainer. Once Auxiliary status is obtained, the participant can either choose to remain at that level or continue the work of becoming a fully qualified Trainer. To become a fully qualified Trainer the participant will need to complete a third course as a year away at a course conducted by a trainer different from the one conducting the first two courses and have two research papers accepted. On completion of these requirements (Part 3), AMI grants the participant the status of an AMI Primary Trainer.

Seminar Format

The Seminar Format involves a series of seminars held over a period of 3 years combined with full-time training on two courses at the same Training Centre under the guidance of the same Trainer. The requirements of becoming an Auxiliary Trainer remain the same as in the Traditional Format. The only difference being that attendance at all the seminars is equivalent to the third year away (Part 3) of the Traditional Format. If for any reason the participant is unable to attend even one seminar, the format of training changes from Seminar to the Traditional Format. Upon completion of two courses and all the course requirements (Parts 1 and 2), attendance at all the Seminars and acceptance of two research papers (Part 3), the participant is granted the status of an AMI Primary Trainer.

Asian Seminars, Hyderabad

Due to the growing interest in Montessori in Asia, in order to meet the demand for courses and training, AMI thought it appropriate to provide the Training of Trainers Programme in a Seminar Format in India. This format will enable candidates from all over the world to avail of the opportunity. The Seminar format allows participants to come together and collectively discuss and deepen their undertsanding of Dr. Montessori's Approach to Education, as an Aid to Life. It offers the participants a chance to build collegiality. This format has been successfully used before in Washington, D.C. (3-6) and Denver, Colorado (0-3); a Seminar Format for Elementary (6-12) Training of Trainers begins in October 2013 in Washington, D.C.

Criteria for Admission

Candidates fulfilling the following requirements will be considered eligible for admission into the Training of Trainers Programme. The candidate should have:

  • An AMI Primary (3-6) diploma
  • A Bachelor's degree
  • 5 years working experience with children at the Primary level, 3 years of which are continuous in one class.
  • A classroom observation report. An observation report on a recent visit to the candidate's class from a Trainer or a Consultation Report from USA or Canada is acceptable.
  • AMI membership

Application Procedure

Initially a CV is submitted to Aisling O'Connell at If all criteria are met, an application with other relevant papers will be sent to the interested candidate. The applications, along with other relevant papers are submitted to the Training Group of AMI at

Observation Visit

In the absence of a report from a Trainer or a Consultation Report, the Training Group will arrange for an observation visit to the candidate's class. The candidate is responsible for all expenses involved, e.g. travel, accommodation, etc. as well as the payment of an honorarium of Euro150 or Rs 5000, to the visiting observer.


Once the application papers are complete, interviews will be set up by the Training Group. These interviews could be in person or via Skype, depending on the situation.


Generally two interviews are conducted, reports are written and submitted to the Training Group for review.

Admission Confirmation

After all the application papers, including the observation report and reports on the interviews, are distributed electronically to the Training Group, a vote is taken and the candidate is informed of the Training Group's decision.

Seminar Programme

The Seminars offer the participants an opportunity to discuss Dr. Montessori's ideas and principles. In each of the two-week Seminars theoretical and practical topics are presented and discussed. Time is allocated for readings of Dr. Montessori's books, for guided discussions in large and small groups, presentations from participants to look at different points of view and for creating outlines for the resulting papers/lectures that must be written. The Seminars are designed as interactive sessions between the participants and the Trainers. Specific topics will be discussed in each of the Seminars.


During the Seminars there are no assignments to be handed in. Through discussions and guidance from the Trainer, the participants are assisted in Theory and Practical Topics that need to be written up and submitted to the Training Group for acceptance. Outlines for the required papers to be submitted can be created during the Seminars.


The Training Group is responsible for placing each participant at a Training Centre for their two course cycles based on the availability of places. The participants' personal considerations are taken into account by the Training Group when making placements.


Attendance at all Seminars is mandatory. If, for any reason, a participant misses even one Seminar, they will be re-directed to change the format of training from Seminar to the Traditional Format.

Please be aware that depending on how you have chosen to do your other two course cycles, especially if your option is to do two academic year courses, they may overlap with the dates of the seminars. In this instance, you will be required to make up the work that you have missed. It will depend on how much of the course is missed and the material covered. This will be discussed with your guiding trainer


The Faculty for the Asian Seminar consists of Trainers from abroad assisted by Trainers from India.

Schedule and Timing

The schedule for each of the Seminar is as follows:

  • 1st Seminar: December 2 - 13, 2013
  • 2nd Seminar: May 12 - 23, 2014
  • 3rd Seminar: December 1 - 12, 2014
  • 4th Seminar: May 11 - 22, 2015
  • 5th Seminar: November 16 - 27, 2015
  • 6th Seminar: April 25 - May 6, 2016

The Seminars will be conducted Monday through Friday for two consecutive weeks from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Books and Reading

A list of the Required Books is provided along with the Training of Trainers Programme Packet.


All lectures will be in English. Course work will need to be presented in English.

AMI Membership

Throughout the training period the candidate will have to be a member of AMI.


Upon successful completion of two course cycles and all the required written papers (Part 1 and Part 2), the AMI grants the status of Auxiliary Trainer. Upon successful completion of the two research papers and attendance in all seminars (Part 3), the AMI grants the status of a fully qualified Trainer.


Details Fees in Euros Due
Application fee (paid to AMI) 150 With Application
Seminar Fee 5000 * Payable in Instalments

* The Seminar tuition fee of Euro 5,000 may be paid in three instalments:

Euro 2,000 or equivalent due by November 23, 2013
Euro 1,500 or equivalent due by September 30, 2014
Euro 1,500 or equivalent due by September 30, 2015

Late payments will accrue a penalty of 0.5% per month, from the day after the due date.

Part Scholarship

MTRT will provide part scholarship only to participants accepted into the Training Programme. Part scholarships will be determined by the United Nations standard country and area codes classification (M49). Candidates from countries classified as developed regions (Zone A) are not eligible for Part scholarship. Only candidates from countries classified as developing and least developed countries (Zone B) are eligible for part scholarship. Please see table below. For further information please visit the UN website. If eligible for part scholarship, please write directly to MTRT at Candidates accepted for part scholarship, will need to pay Rs 1, 20,000 or the equivalent in any international exchange currency as the full Seminar Fees. This amount must be paid as a single instalment no later than November 23, 2013. Candidates accepted for part scholarship are not eligible to pay the fees in instalments.

ZONE A: Developed regions
Northern America
Australia and New Zealand

ZONE B: Developing regions
Americas excluding Northern America
Central America
South America
Asia excluding Japan
Oceania excluding Australia and New Zealand

Mode of Payment

Once accepted the Training Group will send the participant an Enrolment Agreement for the Zone they qualify under. This will need to be signed and sent to MTRT along with the fees for the Seminar which will need to be paid. Indian Nationals may pay the fees by means of a crossed local cheque or Demand Draft in favour of Montessori Training and Research Trust payable in Hyderabad. Foreign Nationals may pay the fees by Bank Draft/Cashier's Cheque in Euros in favour of Montessori Training and Research Trust payable in Hyderabad. Payments can also be made by Direct Bank Transfer. The payment details can be downloaded below. For any further queries please write directly to MTRT at

Download - Mode of Payment Mode of Payment Mode of Payment

If a registered student withdraws on or before November 01, 2013 prior to the commencement of the course only 50% of the Fees will be refunded. After this date fees will not be refunded for any reason.


The seminars will be conducted at Aalankrita Resorts Hyderabad.

Aalankrita Resorts.
Thumkunta Village, Karimnagar Main Road
Shameerpet Mandal,
R. R. District 500078
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

08418-247161 / 162 / 199 / 464

To know more about the resort and directions on how to get there, please log onto their website.


The MTRT has arranged pick up and drop facility for the participants from the airport to the venue and on completion of the seminar a similar pick up and drop facility has been arranged from the venue to the airport at an approximate fee of Euros 30 each way.


The MTRT has arranged accommodation at the venue at a subsidized rate (inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two teas). These rates only apply for a period of 13 days i.e. commencing one day before each Seminar up till the last day of the Seminar. Due to the limited availability of rooms, they will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If accommodation is required please write directly to MTRT at

For Candidates of Indian Nationality

Occupancy Rupees Per Day
Single 3100
Double Sharing 1850
Triple Sharing 1750

For Candidates of Other Nationalities

Occupancy Euros Per Day
Single 60
Double Sharing 45
Triple Sharing 35

Please be advised that these rates will apply for the Third Seminar. However the rates are subject to change from the Fourth Seminar to be conducted in May 2015.

Places to Visit

Hyderabad is fondly called the City of Pearls. Apart for being well known for its pearls, it is also a city that offers a delectable cuisine. The Biryani (a rice dish) is symbolic of Hyderabad and a must have for all visitors. Some of the tourist attractions include monuments from the past like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Birla Mandir (Venkateswara Temple), Salar Jung Museum, Nehru Zoological Park, Hussainsagar Lake and some more recent like Shilparamam (The Arts & Crafts Village). For more information on places to visit please log onto the Hyderabad tourism website.